11:06am, I sat on the beige couch I bought it from whore'  I lost in a wonder about what I would do for next few days. I looked up on the wall and saw my bulletin board I made as if it was my inspiration board.  I saw a word on it said, "NYC".  I went online and bought a train ticket to NYC, so called bullet train.  I printed it out, and realized that my train would leave in a hour, 12:30pm.  Oh FOOK! I grabbed my survival fashion kit under my bed.  Since I didn't have a time to pack and thank goodness that I have a back-up plan that I packed a bag which it was my survival fashion kit. It was for in the case which I already did it.  I ran out of my apartment to grab the bus.
    The golden rule: NEVER NEVER chase the bus. Because the bus driver always fook you, and enjoyed look at the rear mirror to see people like me ran toward the bus to get their attention.  Oh Gawd, looked at myself, I am wearing super-short short with butterflies print tank top.  I visualized myself ran toward the bus, my legs jiggled with the flab of fat. It flabbed like bat wings! Of course I missed the bus.
     11:33am, What am I supposed to do?! I looked at the specific street that lead to the train station, it was about 9 blocks away from my apartment.I eye rolled myself and walked toward it.  By the time I got in the station, and noticed the crowd looked at me in a horror.  What the heck? I had go to bathroom to release myself and saw myself in the mirror.  WTF!  My armpits filled with foam! I mean it looked like this:
OMG OMG!  No wonders since I arrived from station, I smirked at studs and they concealed themselves like I am committed something bad like a badge of shame.
       12:15am, I am foam-free and hopped on so called bullet train, looked for a seat. I found a good spot to sit. I could not believed my own eye when I saw the most alluring juicy calves few seats away from me.  I mesmerized and I pulled out a journal and drew of it.  I felt the eyes on me, I looked up from juicy calves to the man's face.  He laid eyes on me!

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