Two more weeks until knock out!

Oh my! Two more weeks until I spin out my last juice of creativity....


Today I felt so DaDa in the morning

In the morning class, I was in seminar with classmates. We talked about DADA, the debate, discussion, and conversation leaded me to become DADA. I took a quick nap to abolished myself from DADA. It failed!


The Three

The Three paintings I created by collages.  It happened like few weeks ago when I could not able to focus on my project. So, I decided to play without the rules.  I picked some of favorite pictures and used it as collages. It turned out fun and enjoyed myself to create the new techniques like use tapes and mores.  I loved it!


swept it under a rug

I experimented with a series called "Dress me up".  It turned out unsuccessful. Cuz it became absurdly strange and not related to my art project. It drifted away from a strong content for my new concept. At first, I thought it was a cool idea and unfortunately lot of people don't grasp my concept. They had a masturbation talk.  So I left it aside for a while until I come up with an good idea to solve my problem.



I went to Barney's to see the collections of Proenza Schouler. It was very small exhibition. So, I ended up snooped around to admire the clothes personally closer.
I saw a wonderful embellishment of Fendi dress, and thought it was adorable! 
 I stayed inside for hours and I still had a place in my heart for Balenciaga giant city bag. It was more than 12 years since I always want to own it someday. Anyway, I inspected those bags and loved it! Gggrr! I need it!


Challenge to let it go...

I'm through my personal vendetta with my artworks. I normally would decorated and painted my artworks.  Now this time I'm challenged myself to do the opposite way. Like to simplify everything. My goal to have the same concept related to my works with or without embellishment and painting. 


I'm in a rut....

So, I tried to figure out how to snap myself out of my daze. I had a pile of burden on my shoulder. Every time I tried to do my artworks, I got myself distracted with something else. I made two bags for no reason. 
   The first photo: Balenciaga showroom is one of the source of my inspiration. I grieved when Nicolas G. left the house of Balenciaga.  I was like what what?! Where can I get the inspirations? It's a time for me to do it for myself.  
Oh dear, I better go to Barney to check out some fabric for my projects. Here I got other distraction! Sheesh!


Am I still in my dream?

Ah I'm experienced my second semester, I'm swell good with art and have six professors for my four classes. Very productivity! At the most of time I would lost with track of time. It's pretty bizarre for me being in graduate school as if I'm living in the clouds. Which it's good for me to grab this only one chance in my lifetime!


On an Indian summer day, I walked in Highline Park, smelling the pleasant aroma of plants and feeling very frustrated with this world.
The reason I felt frustrated was that I had an encounter with a handsome stranger; we bumped each other passing on the street. I remember that moment very well; I was on the corner of the intersection. And the handsome man stood on other side of the street. Our eyes met and I smiled at him because I thought he was so handsome. He smiled back. The walk signal blinked. As we walked toward each other, my smile became bigger. I waved and he said something. I turned toward to him and asked what he said. I could not understand his lip movements. But his lips! They were lustrous and ripe! I asked him to say it again. He became puzzled said something again that I didn’t understand.
Oh damn! I raised my hand to tell him to pause and told him that I am deaf. He apologized and started to walk away. I shouted, “Wait!” Then I wondered if I’d shouted too loud, like a caveman! At the same time I fumbled inside my tote bag for a notepad and pen. I scribbled a sentence.



NYC is my new playground
shine my ass for art school
play with my art 

burst myself to a person
to show my true side
it is my goddamn turn




   11:06am, I sat on the beige couch I bought it from whore'  I lost in a wonder about what I would do for next few days. I looked up on the wall and saw my bulletin board I made as if it was my inspiration board.  I saw a word on it said, "NYC".  I went online and bought a train ticket to NYC, so called bullet train.  I printed it out, and realized that my train would leave in a hour, 12:30pm.  Oh FOOK! I grabbed my survival fashion kit under my bed.  Since I didn't have a time to pack and thank goodness that I have a back-up plan that I packed a bag which it was my survival fashion kit. It was for in the case which I already did it.  I ran out of my apartment to grab the bus.
    The golden rule: NEVER NEVER chase the bus. Because the bus driver always fook you, and enjoyed look at the rear mirror to see people like me ran toward the bus to get their attention.  Oh Gawd, looked at myself, I am wearing super-short short with butterflies print tank top.  I visualized myself ran toward the bus, my legs jiggled with the flab of fat. It flabbed like bat wings! Of course I missed the bus.
     11:33am, What am I supposed to do?! I looked at the specific street that lead to the train station, it was about 9 blocks away from my apartment.I eye rolled myself and walked toward it.  By the time I got in the station, and noticed the crowd looked at me in a horror.  What the heck? I had go to bathroom to release myself and saw myself in the mirror.  WTF!  My armpits filled with foam! I mean it looked like this:
OMG OMG!  No wonders since I arrived from station, I smirked at studs and they concealed themselves like I am committed something bad like a badge of shame.
       12:15am, I am foam-free and hopped on so called bullet train, looked for a seat. I found a good spot to sit. I could not believed my own eye when I saw the most alluring juicy calves few seats away from me.  I mesmerized and I pulled out a journal and drew of it.  I felt the eyes on me, I looked up from juicy calves to the man's face.  He laid eyes on me!

Mein Kunst


I will officially resign my job on June 8th. A new adventure is waiting to slap my face


Part Three

    I popped another cigarette, and ran toward to neck of the wood.  I got myself into a thought: saw myself walked out of the campus, a limo approached me, and the door opened.  I looked at a stranger with familiar face sat on the passenger seat commanded me to hop into it.  I went along with a stranger, he jacked thousand dollar bills in the front of me and threw it at me.  I glee with a joy. He said, "take your clothes off!"
    11:59pm, I came back on the earth and went str8 to the same old boring cycle: show up at the team meeting, waited for a  tardy captain. He have not shaved his beard for weeks.  he looked ghastly and remind me a lot like a monkey with a strange nose:

Proboscis monkey

    He wanted to share an agenda with us. They were my co-workers and got annoyed with him.  I would lost myself for not pay attention to his agenda, only analyzed his bloated gut. I mean it was so huge as it would pop if you stick it with a needle. *shuddering* I wondered what's a storage in his gut.  It seemed that it got bigger every week to the point where i would asking him if he was pregnant.  
    The meeting adjourned, I chatted with my co-workers about the bloated gut. I went to the retro building with a lot of stripes.  I saw the many streets went different directions and thought I should change my route to get out of neck of the wood. But I did not, and went into the building. *face palm*