Part Three

    I popped another cigarette, and ran toward to neck of the wood.  I got myself into a thought: saw myself walked out of the campus, a limo approached me, and the door opened.  I looked at a stranger with familiar face sat on the passenger seat commanded me to hop into it.  I went along with a stranger, he jacked thousand dollar bills in the front of me and threw it at me.  I glee with a joy. He said, "take your clothes off!"
    11:59pm, I came back on the earth and went str8 to the same old boring cycle: show up at the team meeting, waited for a  tardy captain. He have not shaved his beard for weeks.  he looked ghastly and remind me a lot like a monkey with a strange nose:

Proboscis monkey

    He wanted to share an agenda with us. They were my co-workers and got annoyed with him.  I would lost myself for not pay attention to his agenda, only analyzed his bloated gut. I mean it was so huge as it would pop if you stick it with a needle. *shuddering* I wondered what's a storage in his gut.  It seemed that it got bigger every week to the point where i would asking him if he was pregnant.  
    The meeting adjourned, I chatted with my co-workers about the bloated gut. I went to the retro building with a lot of stripes.  I saw the many streets went different directions and thought I should change my route to get out of neck of the wood. But I did not, and went into the building. *face palm*

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