11:25 pm:  I dressed myself in the dark, and did not care what I looked like. Because at work, nobody pay attention. Except I wore $350 dollars jeans. I would be scolded from my so called leader that I am not supposed to wear jeans to work.  For the mother of god, I work during graveyard shift and sit under the desk. Who would noticed me wore the jeans? *shudder*
       I got my snacks: lot of nuts and oranges.  I ran out of my apartment to the bus stop.  I lit up a cigarette and waited for the bahn to arrive.  I got bit restless, time ticked closer to my work shift.  Alas the bus was here! I hopped and plopped on the dirt seat. 
       All the sudden, I saw a vagabond lady sat across from me.  She screamed.  Everybody looked at her puzzled.  She flashed her boobies to us.  It was ghastly view.  Her boobies were consequently out of proportion, and it literally went south, I mean SOUTH POLE! Her tits pierced my eyes. I had to shut my eyes so hard and tried to forget everything as if I want to format my memory from what I saw.  *CTRL+ALT+DELETE*  The bus screeched and kicked her out.  Oh dear!  Goddamn driver, would you hurry up!  I pulled the bell cord stop where I worked.  I checked my phone and clicked: 11:50pm.  FOOK! Run Mava Run!

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