the alarm light blinked at 11:00pm, I groanly woke up and stared at 11:00pm alarm and it shook my bed violently. Of course I snoozed it. What the fuck I woke up at unholy hour of 11:00pm.  Can someone take me away? Is there somewhere waiting for me? 
    Anyway, I had an obligation to do the chase and scold at those crybabies business. I never bothered to turn light on every time i took shower.  Being in the darkness felt my peace.  I hopped in the shower. the water was so hot! I love how it stung my skin and lathered the honey  scent soap. the aroma was so wunderbar. I inhaled the honey scent and closed my eyes. 
    I walked down on a small street, the buildings squeezed together and saw many window displays show lot of balenciaga bags. I leaned on every windows and drooled at those bags. the fog smeared on the windows when i breathed. Those bags looked brilliant and it did a wonder on me.  The honey scent faded on me.
    I got out of shower and groaned at myself.

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